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by Kid Congo Powers
(with Chris Campion)
Published by Hachette (US), Omnibus Press (UK)

Some New Kind of Kick | Kid Congo Powers | Chris Campion book cover

An intimate, coming-of-age memoir by legendary guitarist Kid Congo Powers, detailing his experiences as a young, queer Mexican-American in 1970s Los Angeles through his rise in the glam rock and punk rock scenes.

Kid Congo Powers has been described as a “legendary guitarist and paragon of cool” with “the greatest resume ever of anyone in rock music." That unique imprint on rock history stems from being a member of not one but three beloved, groundbreaking, and influential groups—
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, The Cramps, and last but not least, The Gun Club, the wildly inventive punk-blues band he co-founded.

Quirky, droll, and heartfelt, with a pitch-perfect evocation of time and place, and a wealth of richly-drawn supporting characters, Some New Kind of Kick is a memoir of personal transformation, addiction and recovery, friendship and belonging, set against the relentless creativity and excess of the ’70s and ’80s underground music scenes.

Praise for Some New Kind of Kick


“This book is dripping with all the sadness and beauty in the world. Smell it, taste it, see it...A crucial document.”


“Like the man himself, bursting with humor, heart and good grace. A gem.”

—Nick Cave


Some New Kind of Kick is an instant classic of sex, drugs & punk rock by one of underground music’s most legendary kings of cool."

—Mark Lanegan 

“Some New Kind of Kick is hilarious, heartbreaking and historically juicy. I devoured it.”

—Lydia Lunch

“Kid Congo writes from the heart in a pure and unadorned way. This is a beautiful book about rock and roll and friendship. Read and be blessed.”

—Bobbie Gillespie


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